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Our owner, Derek Morris, is the driving force behind SlipStream Auto Video Marketing, a company at the forefront of 4K video production, social marketing sales, and shopper trends in 10 states. Our core values of exceptional customer service and customer satisfaction set us apart. Our specialization in video, social, and Google Places marketing, paired with AI-driven technology and a nationwide database of inventory and buyers, gives us the leverage to achieve superior results. Choose SlipStream for a whole-lot marketing solution that drives conversions and improves inventory turnover.

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4K Video and AI-Driven Digital Marketing

At SlipStream Auto Video Marketing, we have been offering automotive digital marketing services for the last 14 years. We believe that the future of dealership marketing lies in the convergence of 4K video production and AI-driven technology.

Our team of experts leverages the latest in video and technology to deliver VIN-specific, high-quality marketing content that drives conversions and increases inventory turnover. We offer a complete solution for dealerships looking to improve their marketing results and achieve success in a competitive market.

A Trusted Legacy of Success

SlipStream Auto Video Marketing was founded in May 2009 with the mission to revolutionize dealership marketing. By leveraging the power of high-definition photos and video, advanced behavioral targeting, and comprehensive online advertising, we have helped dealerships increase sales and improve their marketing results. With over a decade of experience and a proven track record of success, SlipStream Auto Video Marketing is the trusted choice for dealerships looking to maximize their sales potential.